CTAHOME is a unit specializing in consulting, designing and constructing interior and exterior. Design and construction of luxury villas, townhouses, apartments.

With a team of experienced and qualified architects, skilled construction workers, we are confident to bring customers the best products.

CTAHOME not only design but especially focuses on architectural solutions, furniture combined with feng shui to solve your living space problems. create advantages and overcome disadvantages, balance costs in interior design and architecture.

We always take the aesthetic criteria, efficiency and on schedule as the working guideline. The biggest goal that CTAHOME aims at is to provide customers with a clean, harmonious and aesthetically pleasing working and living environment.

CTAHOME’s services create a professional workflow, from design to construction that solves all your space problems.

In addition, we also invest in building a workshop to manufacture furniture products such as tables, chairs, bed cabinets … with high quality materials and accessories so CTAHOME furniture with very durable designs The price is very competitive in the market.